Calibration & Re-certification

Product Name: Service, Calibration & Annual Re-certification any ScaleMaster™ Scale or Line Tester
Product ID: SM-CR

Description: Professional sport fishing competitors don’t take chances with their equipment and understand that recertification doesn’t matter if their equipment fails during a tournament. That’s why the pros have their ScaleMaster™ products serviced and calibrated by factory certified technicians during their annual recertification. Annual service, calibration and re-certification is the best protection for a trouble-free season by inspecting, servicing and recalibrating critical electronic components, testing the battery output, all component connections, parameter settings that are only accessible at the factory.  Your ScaleMaster™ product has been custom made for you and our factory technicians create an individual maintenance database for the life of your scale or line tester. Parts & Labor extra for any repair work.

Features: Service, calibration and annual re-certification of any ScaleMasterâ„¢ product.
Price: $110.00