A One Million Dollar Catch

Want to know what winning over a million dollars feels like? Ask the boys from the boat Tiger Spirit. Although their blue marlin was not the biggest in the Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament a couple of weeks ago, we don’t think they are complaining about the 14 lb differential between their blue marlin and the marlin caught by the winners of the tournament, Bad Medicine.

“It earned a whopping $1,162,842 since it was the only fish entered in all three daily $5,000 and $10,000 jackpots. Tiger Spirit owner Ned Wallace of Newport Beach, California, has been a long-time participant in the Black & Blue, but this is the first time his team has scored the tournaments top cash prize.

Not a bad day at the office for the boat Tiger Spirit.

Bad Medicine had a great run at this tournament also, reeling in a 409 lb blue marlin to kick off the first day of fishing netting them $394, 090.

This tournament never fails in the thrills and excitement category, and tournament Director Wayne Bisbee knows this competition brings a great experience for anglers every year. “Even second place can win a million bucks in the Black & Blue. So thanks to all our anglers and crews, plus our fantastic sponsors, we are the big enchilada of sportfishing. We’re the World Series, Super Bowl, and Triple Crown all rolled into one wet and wild ride.

All quotes and pictures are courtesy of www.bisbees.com

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